Remove Windows password using chntpw in Ubuntu

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Manohar Bhattarai (मनोहर भट्टराई)


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6 Responses to “Remove Windows password using chntpw in Ubuntu”

  1. 2010 in review « Manohar Bhattarai Says:

    […] Remove Windows password using chntpw in Ubuntu March 2010 […]

  2. Farhan Hussain Says:

    This the best method for clearing or changing your windows password.
    I have tried this on multiple systems it works well. this tutorial need little bit more explanation for new users.

  3. Jake Says:

    Doesn’t work

    I have a RAID 0 configuration and a bad boot.ini file that I can’t rebuild because it won’t accept my password.

    I tried this method, and when I finally figured out how to get to the file in terminal, I actually had to enter in my password. It didn’t just let me get access. It brought up the screen, kept confirming the changes were taking place, but when I tried to redo it, the password was still the same to get access, meaning it never changed.

  4. Jake Says:

    Actually, I tried already to reboot into recovery console, and it’s still not accepting the blank password, nor the password it says I changed it too.

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