How to set different wallpapers on different workspaces in Ubuntu


Let us set different wallpapers on different workspaces(desktop screens) in Ubuntu. I am doing this on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

For this compiz should be installed. If you don’t have it installed already here is howto .

Now open compiz. To do so follow these steps:

Go to System>Preferences>Advanced Desktop Effects Settings OR press Alt+[F2] (OR open terminal) and type ccsm.

This will open a window.



Now click on Desktop Cube. Navigate to Appereance>Background images. Click New. Add all the images that you want to show in your workspaces. Add same number of images as much workspaces you have.

I have 4 workspaces. It is shown below:

Add Background images

Add Background images

Close the window.

Now open gconf-editor. To do so press Alt+[F2]. Write gconf-editor in it and click Run.

Now navigate to apps>nautilus>preferences. And unckeck “show_desktop“.

gconf-editor preferences

gconf-editor preferences

Now its all done. Check all the workspaces. But you will notice that all the icons on your Desktop are gone and you can’t right-click on the desktop. Don’t worry you can find them here- Places>Desktop. If you save something on desktop they will also appear on that location only. Now this is what you will have to compromise on.

Here is my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with 4 different wallpapers.

If you have any query please post a comment.


Manohar Bhattarai


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4 Responses to “How to set different wallpapers on different workspaces in Ubuntu”

  1. Qasim Says:

    high Quality Wallpapers from a vast variety of categories

  2. Retail Says:


    What a wonderful read thanks for the insight loved it !…

  3. Rubo Says:

    how do u use avant window navigator to have your icons display?

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