Echofon is not working on FF 3.6.8 Ubuntu customized version

Hi all,

Recently i updated echofon addon for firefox and it stopped working on my FF 3.6.8 showing an error message. I was unable to use echofon. So today i found a solution and it is working again. Actually it is not solution for recent updated version.

To solve this problem i installed the old version of echofon again and it is working fine now.

Here is the link ==>

Hope it helps those having similar problem.


Manohar Bharttarai


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9 Responses to “Echofon is not working on FF 3.6.8 Ubuntu customized version”

  1. apnerve Says:

    thanx man! I was trying to fix it instead of simply reverting back to the older version until I saw this post. Now it is working πŸ™‚

  2. collection homme Says:

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  3. Phil Mdai Says:

    What a fantastic top 10 list! Thanks for the post and thanks for sharing!

  4. Chas Skalla Says:

    Stumbled across this, there is some L33T Stuff here, keep up the good work Thnx

  5. Antoine van Dinter Says:


    Thanx. I was looking for Echofon alternative, but I couldn’t find a good one. Now I use it again. Once again, many thanks!

  6. Cotita777 Says:


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