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Only 24 super techies out of 5000 cracked it so far – Techgig’s online coding contest

October 3, 2011

Hi friends,

Just wanted to share something with you. Sorry if you don’t find something about Linux or Java in this post.

I am in a good mood today. It is because I was featured in the’s ad with headline “Only 24 super techies out of 5000 cracked it so far” on today’s (i.e. October 3, 2011) newspaper Times Of India, Mumbai edition, page number 26. I was one of them.

Techgig's super techies

Techgig's super techies

I would not have known it as I live in New Delhi and Delhi’s edition din’t have the same. I came to know about this only someone(Edit : Nanda Kshirsagar) posted on my facebook page The post was like this “Congratulation!!! SUPER TECHIES out OF 5000 ON CODING CONTEST”. I was surprised by the post because I dint have the slightest idea.

I participated in the’s online coding contest few days back. Just wanted to exercise my brain a bit because I had time. I was not too serious while coding. The “Easy” level was solved at once when I wrote the code in “Java” on the editor provided by the website. I din’t even try it on my computer before submitting. But “Medium” level took a while to solve. But finally got it right. And then I did the “Expert” level.

Please comment below on how you liked this post as in this post I am just sharing what I felt. Hoping to get a well paid job soon.

Edit : Thanks “Nanda Kshirsagar” for posting on my facebook page and letting me know.

Manohar Bhattarai (मनोहर भट्टराई)
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