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Remove question mark and add your own icon to the ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal unity launcher

June 28, 2011

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Manohar Bhattarai (मनोहर भट्टराई)


Howto add entries in GNOME menu in Ubuntu

March 20, 2010


If you want to add entries in GNOME menu in Ubuntu, you can do it two ways :

1) Using command line.

2) Using GUI settings.

Let me start with the first one i.e. Using command line. I will use this method to add Eclipse IDE under Applications–>Programming–>Eclipse. If your Programming sub-menu is not present already it will be added automatically.

a) Open the terminal (Applications–>Accessories–>Terminal).

b)Now type the following command in it.
sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

This will bring up a blank text editor. Paste the following contents in it.
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Eclipse IDE

Here I have used Exec=/usr/project/eclipse/eclipse which is the path to the eclipse executable application and Icon=/usr/project/eclipse/icon.xpm which is the path to the icon.

c) Save it using Ctrl+S. Close the editor.

d) Close the terminal.

This will add Eclipse in GNOME menu.

Now let me come to the second method i.e. Using GUI settings.

First off, right click your applications menu and hit “Edit Menus”

The Menu editor will appear . In the left panel select the category like accessibility, Debian, accessories etc. The right panel will update with the entries in that category.

After you have selected the category, click on the New Item Button

Another dialog will appear, thats where you will make the actual entry.In this case I will add a Firefox entry.

First of all select what type of application it is. You can select application or application in terminal, both are quite self explanatory, you can also select a file.

Fill name with the application name or whatever you want. Fill command with the applications command, in this case its firefox. If you selected file in the first box instead of application, you can browse for the file or just add the path to it.

Comment is rather self explanatory.Now, select an icon by clicking the button to the left, in this case since i haven’t selected one yet It says ‘no Icon’.

Hit the ok Button that’s it.

If this information is helpful to you or you need more help please post a comment.

Thank you.

Manohar Bhattarai

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