Change root password in Linux (sudo passwd root)

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Manohar Bhattarai (मनोहर भट्टराई)


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10 Responses to “Change root password in Linux (sudo passwd root)”

  1. ari Says:

    Hi, I yipe

    sudo passwd -l root

    In terminal. Now, I am not asked password each time I type sudo. How to set it to default? it seems not really secure.

  2. lim Says:

    hi, thx for showing this but i still cant go thru it…. from 2nd stage… i cant type passwd for sudo… press all they key also cant key in

  3. José Says:


  4. Joseph Busich Says:

    any idea how to make it so that only person with sudo can run the command sudo passwd……i have a vpn server setup with 2 other sudoers and i want to be the only one that can change the root password and access root

  5. Patrik Says:

    UR Awesome !!!

  6. ranjan raj Says:

    excellent dude

  7. Eddie Says:

    YOURE AWESOME DUDE THANKS SO MUCH!!!! 10000000 times better than any other site i have tried

  8. anand Says:

    hi, i lost the password for root, i dont have any other administrator account. how to reset root password

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